Miss Belmar Princess is BACK! Fishing 7 Days a Week!
The Shore's Finest & Fastest Vessel
Miss Belmar Princess
Deep Sea Fishing
Captain Alan Shinn
docked at the
Belmar Marina - Route 35
Belmar, NJ 07719
Call, Fax or Email us
Office (732) 681-0030
Boat (732) 681-6866
Fax (732) 681-7522
Email [email protected]
Inspected & Certified for Safety
US Coast Guard Inspected & Certified for Safety

Gladly Accepted

"No other boat comes close. Try us & you'll see why."
Photo taken on 5/5/01

115 feet long - 2,100 horsepower!
The Miss Belmar Princess is a 120 foot luxury deep-sea fishing party boat & cruise boat located in the midst of New Jersey's Largest Fishing Fleet. Conveniently located off of route 35 south on the Shark River.
" Family owned & operated since 1936 "
Special "Rider Only" fares available on all trips
Hours of Operation
Trip Dates Leaves Arrives Fare
Bluefish + striped bass May 1 - Nov 30 7:30 a.m. 3/4 day 2:30 p.m. $ Adult
$ Child
Bluefish + striped bass May 1 - Nov 30 7:30 p.m. 3/4 night 2:30 a.m. $ Adult
$ Child
Fluke and sea bass May 1- Nov 30 7:30 a.m. 1/2 day 12:00 pm $ adults
$ child
Fluke and Sea Bass May 1 - Nov 30 1:30 p.m. 1/2 day 6:00 pm $ Adult
$ Child
Overnight Tuna
tues., friday, saturday, sunday
Sept 19 - Nov 30 5:00 pm Overnight 4:00 pm
next day
weekends, $ person
30 person limit

tuesdays, $ person
22 person limit

Clean Mens & Womens Restrooms Available
Restaurant on boat with hot meals
Group rates:
10 or more people on the weekends, free rods. 10 or more people for the weekdays, $5.00 off per person and free rods.

For your information:
All bait included, or you can buy your own at the bait and tackle shop.
Free parking
Small coolers permitted.
Beer, wine and wine coolers allowed.
Reservations not required but are welcome.
Weather permitting.
Please arrive an hour prior to departure.

"Meet our sister boat, the Royal Miss Belmar"
Photo taken on 5/5/01

120 feet long - Seats over 50 comfortably!
We also own and operate the Royal Miss Belmar, which has proven worthy on the fishing grounds. Conveniently located off of route 35 south on the Shark River.


Internet Discount
Come Fishing on the Miss Belmar Princess for Day or Night trips
Monday thru Thursday

Click here for a $5 discount aboard the Miss Belmar Princess
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  • All Trips Include:
    • Fishing Spot on the boat
    • All the bait you will need
    • Comfortable & Fast ride
    • Full use of the cabin area & galley
    • Instructions on fishing for tuna or blues
    • Optional Biggest Fish Pool

More Features
  • Luxurious Cabin with Restaurant & Hot Food

  • Lounge Chairs on the Sun Deck

  • 40 person bunk room for overnight trips

  • Clean Men's & Women's Restrooms

  • Tackle & Rigs available

  • Rental Poles available
  • Fish Cleaning Service

Come as you are we have everything you may need aboard.

Beverages by Coca-Cola
Experienced & Licensed Captain
Captain Alan Shinn
Captain Alan Shinn
Captain Alan has spent his whole life fishing in New Jersey. All of the legacy of the Miss Belmar has taught Alan how to be operate his boat in a professional & safe manner and how to furnish his vessel for maximum comfort for his customers. With a friendly and courteous crew, the Miss Belmar Princess gives you a memorable fishing experience so that you keep coming back again & again.

Most comfortable Offshore Tuna Trip in New Jersey 40 person Bunkroom for Overnight Trips
The bunk room makes all the difference to anglers on our trip. This gives you a comfortable spot to stretch out and get some sleep while we are underway.

Gift Certificates, Senior Citizen and Group Discounts Our cabin area is clean & comfortable
Our cabin has central air conditioning and heat with lots of room to enjoy your down time on our trips. Play cards, have a meal, read a magazine, have a drink and socialize.
Take a trip on the Miss Belmar Princess
Deep Sea Fishing Schedule
The months are an approximation based on a typical year.

Chart Key
Scheduled Trip
Reservations Only
Special Trip
Trip Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Blues & Weaks
Night Blues
Striped Bass
What to Bring
  • It's a good idea to sharpen your hooks with a file

  • Make sure the line on your reels is in good condition and not frayed or twisted

  • Pack a lunch & snacks if you like, but we have a FULL GALLEY with hot & cold food & beverages

  • Bring some line snippers and some needlenose pliers.

  • A walkman with personal headphones for listening to music

  • Bring a plastic garbage bag to keep your stuff clean & dry

All Trips
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses
  • Rain gear - a MUST, be prepared and don't get caught standing in the rain
  • Hat, Clean T-Shirt, Jacket & Gloves - we have Miss Belmar Princess Ball Caps & T-Shirts for sale onboard
  • Rag for your hands
  • Camera, Film & Batteries - share the memories with your family & friends
  • Deck of Cards, Magazine or Book - pass the time while we are underway
Inshore Trips
  • 1 Rod & Reel (also available onboard for rental) - we recommend stand up outfits in the 30 lb class with 3/0 reels & 30 lb test.
  • Terminal Tackle(moderately priced onboard) - Chum & regular hooks 4/0 to 6/0, 30 lb swivels
  • Jigs & Metal Lures(moderately priced onboard) - We cast & jig when we are not chumming so a few 2 to 4 ounce sized lures
Offshore & Tuna Trips
  • 1 Rod & Reel (also available onboard for rental) - we recommend stand up outfits in the 50 lb to 80 lb class with 6/0 reels & 80 lb test.
  • Terminal Tackle(moderately priced onboard) - Hooks 7/0 to 9/0, 80 lb swivels, leader material from 60 to 100 lb test, flourocarbon recommended
  • Sleeping bags, Blanket and a Pillow - recommended for the bunk room should you want to take a nap on the ride in or out to the canyon.
What NOT to Bring
  • NO Illegal Drugs - we have a ZERO tolerance and enforce maritime law for the possesion or use of illicit drugs
  • NO Hard Liquor - Cans of Beer OK, must be 21 or over
  • NO Glass Bottles or Containers - of any kind

Our fishing methods
Species & Trip Description of Method
Chumming for Bluefish
Miss Belmar Princess mates with some big blues in May 2001
Great catch of big blues 10 to 16 pounds
" Fast Paced Bluefishing at it's Best "

Our experienced mates will prepare the chum & individual baits on our way out to the fishing grounds. Fresh & Frozen whole bunker(menhaden) are freshly ground up into buckets after the prime back pieces are removed for bait chunks. Once we arrive, we will drop anchor when the captain is marking fish on the fish finder. The chum is then ladled out on each side of the boat. Tie on a bluefish hook, 3/0 or 4/0 with a 6 inch piece of hard wire and bury the hook in a chunk of bait. Let the bait drift into the chum slick until a bluefish or bonito grabs it. When the line starts to tighten up, set the hook by pulling back with the rod tip up and begin fighting your fish. Our mates will help you boat your fish with a long poled gaff.

We offer a fish cleaning service at the end of the day on the way back home.
Yellowfin Tuna & Albacore
Big Yellowfin
Father & Daughter with big yellowfin, Swordfish being boated
Ton of Tuna
" Hardcore Offshore Fishing "
Make your Reservations Now!!!

The climax of the season starts after labor day when the Miss Belmar Princess gears up for our famous overnight tuna trips. If you have never fished for tuna before, or if you love it like we do you cannot miss out on this years schedule. Our captain will set course for the deep water canyons, from 400 to 900 feet deep, 70 to 100 miles from shore. The fast Miss Belmar Princess gets to the grounds in 4 1/2 hours, while you lounge around our restaurant, take a nap in your own bunk, or take in the evening sunset on our sun deck. Our mates will be busy preparing for an exciting night of tuna fishing. Rods and reels set up with 80 lb test line and 7/0 to 9/0 hooks, chunks of mackerel & whole butterfish for baits, ground up mackerel and cut-up butterfish for chumming.

Once we set up at around 10 pm, the mates will start catching live squid attracted to the boat from our lights. Once the tuna find our chum slick the action begins, with 50 to 100 pound fish coming over the rails and into the fish hold. It's a breath taking experience battling these large, fast and strong fish. Sometimes a mako, tiger or blue shark will be hooked, or even a large swordfish or giant big-eye tuna. At the canyons, anything can happen. The fishing continues right into mid morning, where you can definitely settle into your bunk for a well deserved nap on the way back to Belmar. At the dock, many people will be waiting to see our mates empty our fish hold and distribute the fish to our customers. Pound for pound our tuna fishing trip is a bargain when you go home with the freshest tuna steaks in the world.

Don't forget dramamine or a wrist band to prevent sea sickness so you can enjoy your trip

If you don't have something that you need then stop by the
Fisherman's Den Bait & Tackle
here at the Belmar Marina.
Tom & Chip have everything you need to complete your list with a well stocked tackle shop & friendly knowledgable service.

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