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Grizz's Bait & Tackle
Bait, Tackle & Archery
232 Route 9 South
Forked River, NJ 08731
(609) 693-9298
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Hunting Supplies & Ammo

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"Conveniently Located in Forked River"
Photo taken on 7/14/01
For over 38 years Forked River Bait & Tackle has provided Ocean County & Barnegat Bay area outdoorsman with sound expert advice for hunting & fishing in the area. Along with an extensive Bait & Tackle center, Grizz's offers a complete line of archery equipment, supplies & accessories, muzzle loaders & ammo and a complete selection of top shelf products for all the needs of an outdoorsman.
" Your Barnegat Bay Connection since 1963 "
Hours of Operation
Day Season Open Closed
Mon,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat Mar 1st - Nov 30th 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
Tue & Sun Mar 1st - Nov 30th 5:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
Closed Dec 1st - Feb 28th - - -
Barnegat Bay Charter & Party Boat Information inside the store
Taxidermy info Available

Fishing & Hunting
Specializing in Archery

Gift Certificates Available

"Quality Products for the Sportsman"

Saltwater Fishing is the mainstay at Grizz's, however the Archery & Hunting supplies is one of their specialties also. A complete line of high quality bows, arrows & broadheads, accessories, treestands, bow cords & more. Check out Grizz's Bait & Tackle for a unique experience in outdoor products.

"Knowledge & Experience makes the Difference"
Gary is meticulous with the care and service of your bow
Service for your Bow or Muzzle Loader is just another area of expertise that Gary gives all of his customers. He takes the time to do the job right the first time, with quality replacement parts and knowledgeable customer service.
Check out our Selection of Bait, Tackle & Accessories
Live Bait
Ask Gary for some great tips on fishing Live Grass Shrimp & Sheddar Crabs!
Sandworms - Bloodworms - Green Crabs - Fiddler Crabs - Clams - Sheddar Crabs - Grass Shrimp - Eels - Killies - Shiners - Mealworms - Garden Worms - Night Crawlers - Live Bait Buckets

Species Blood Worms Sand Worms Live Killies Sheddar Crabs Grass Shrimp Live Eels Green Crabs Fiddler Crabs Live Clams Crawlers, Worms & Mealworms Shiners
Fresh Bait
Fresh Bait has the scent of live bait and when fished correctly is better than frozen bait.
Salted Clams - Sheddar Crabs - Grass Shrimp - Bunker - Spearing - Squid - Mackerel - Herring

Species Spearing Squid Bunker Mackerel Sheddar Crabs Grass Shrimp Herring Salted Clams
Frozen Bait Kosher salt will keep your frozen bait preserved even when it thaws out. Bunker(single) - Mackerel(single) - Local Spearing - 2.5 pound Canadian Spearing - Sandeels - Eels - Mullet - Whole Trolling Squid - Finger Mullet - Herring - Bait Shrimp - Smelts - Butterfish - Split Backs - Sheddar Crabs - Grass Shrimp - Small Squid - Cleaned Tube Squid - Scented & Colored Squid Strips - Calamari - Clams - 5 pound Clam Block -

Species Frozen Spearing Frozen Sandeels Frozen Bunker Frozen Mackerel Frozen Sheddars Frozen Mullet Frozen Shrimp Squid Cut & Tube Squid Frozen Clam Block
Chum & Flats
Get results while chumming, ask about the different methods and how to bait & rig your lines.
Bunker Chum - Mackerel Chum(4 gallon) - Clam Logs - Flats of Bait(Bunker, Mackerel, Butterfish, Sardines, Squid(call ahead)) Flats of Worms(Sand & Blood(call ahead)) - Chum Pots & Chum Bags - Knives for Chunking

Species Quarts Bunker Chum 5 & 4 gal Bunker Chum 5 gal Mackerel Chum Clam Logs Bunker Flat Mackerel Flat Butterfish Flat Sardine Flat Squid Flat
Fishing Tackle
Hook more fish. Sharpen the hooks before you fish.
Best hooks in the business

Hooks(many sizes & styles - Mustad, Gamakatsu) - Sinkers(many sizes - Cushion (1.5 oz thru 3.5 oz), Hatterras(2 oz thru 5 oz), Egg, Bank, Pan, Pyramid(2 oz thru 6 oz), Line Sinkers(1/8 oz thru 1.5 oz), Trolling(1 oz thru 8 oz) & Split Shots) - Line(Mono (Ande, Stren, Power Pro(10 lb to 80 lb), Yo-Zuri(flouro line)), Wire(40lb - 80lb)) - Line removal & spooling done on premises

Line for today's angler

Packaged Rigs for ALL species - Metal Jigs - Artificial Worms & fish(FIN-S, Sassy Shad, B-2, Mister Twister) - Tons of Floating & Diving Plugs(Bomber, Mega-bait, Yo-zuri, Mann's Stretch 25's) - Spinners(Mepps & Roostertails) & Spoons - Umbrella Rigs - Spinners, Spoons(Hopkins, Gator, Clarkspoons, Crippled Herring, Avid) & Bunker Spoons - Shad & Herring Darts - Offshore Lures & Tuna Feathers - Saltwater Flys - Umbrella Rigs - Seaguar Flourocarbon Leader Material - Snap & Barrel Swivels - Bucktails - Tackle boxes, Tackle Racks & storage Solutions

Top names in artificial baits

Rods & Reels Many Premium Brand reels in Stock, everyday!

Penn Conventional Inshore & Offshore Reels(Smaller Penn Internationals in stock) - Spinners from Penn, Shimano - Specialty Rod & Reel Combos - Quantum Reels - Big Game Combos - Abu Garcia Reels - Child Sized Rods & Reels - Custom Rods - Big Game Rod & Reel Combos - Surf Poles & Reels - All Types of Rods(Penn, Shakespeare Ugly Stik, Ande, Lamiglas, St. Croix, Star) - Outrigger & Downrigger clips, line & weights
Custom Rods and these Great Names

Fishing Accessories
We specialize in inshore fishing & crabbing accessories
Knives(many types & styles) - Scales - Scalers - Cutting boards - Buckets - Tape Measures - Stringers - Game Bags - Sandspikes - Landing Nets - Gaffs - Seine Nets - Killie & Eel traps - Maryland Crab Traps - Box Crab Traps & Drop Lines - Ziplock Bags - Flashlights & Necklights

Other Essentials
Let us help you get prepared for your day fishing & crabbing.
Bags of Ice - Coolers - Soda Vending Machine - Newspapers(Hook, Line & Sinker) - Sunscreen - Lighters - Disposable Cameras - Film - Magazines(The Fisherman, Bow Hunter, Wildlife Digest) - Free Publications(All American Angler, JCAA News, RFA News & Membership info) - First Aid Kits - Fishing Tee Shirts - Hats - Sweat Shirts - Boots - Rain Gear - Maps - Tide Charts - Gloves - Binoculars(Tasco) - Batteries

Boating Equipment
Last Minute Items that complete your day.
Anchors - Cord - Outboard Oil - Rope - Whistles - Air Horns - Crimpers - Sleeves - Sea Tow Insurance

Bows, Arrows & Broadheads
We sell Hunting, Fishing, Crabbing & Clamming Licenses
Quality Bows

Quality Bows

(Hoyt - Golden Eagle - P.S.E - Browning - Bow-Tech) - Arrows (Beman - Easton) - Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests - Vanes & Feathers - Re-Fletch - Broadheads (Muzzy - Wasp - Vortex - Thunderheads) - Replacement Blades - Broadhead Wrenches - Bow Sights

Finest of Broadheads

Hunting Accessories
With over 40 years of expertise, come in for the right advice!
Hunting Accessories

Wildlife Research Scents - Tinks - Calls - Compasses - Glow Tacks - Automatic Game Feeders - 2 way radios - Lacrosse Boots - Treestands (River's Edge - Loc-On) - Ladderstands - Steps - Safety Belts & Harnesses


Muzzle Loaders & Ammunition
Proud Distributor of the Best Products
Black Diamond


Gun Cleaning Oils - Muzzle Loaders - Thompson Center - Knight - Pellets & Powder - (Clean Shot, Pyrodex) - Bullets (Hornady Sabots, Thompson Center Sabots, TC Breakaway Sabots, Maxi-Balls, Maxi-Hunter) - Buckshot - Rifle Slugs - Small Game Loads - Musket Cap Primers - 209 Primers - #11 Primers - Ammo (Winchester, Remington, Federal Steel Shot, Federal Tungsten Iron)

best in the business

The finest Ammo available

Stop into our store on your way to these nearby locations
Location Description & Directions from the store
Berkely Island County Park
Safe, Fun & Comfortable Family Fishing & Crabbing
The park has a concrete seawall and a fishing pier that many anglers in the area frequent for excellent fishing from the shores of the Barnegat Bay. Snapper Blues & Crabs in the summer, Fluke during the season, blowfish, kingfish, weaks & stripers all run off the pier during the year.
Exit the store an go north on route 9 about 2 miles into Bayville. Follow signs for Berkely Island County Park on the right.

We carry crab traps, droplines, scoop nets and crab bait! Also check out our rods & reels for the kids.
Power Plant - Oyster Creek
Park on the shoulder off of route 9
Near the Power Plant offering access to the warm currents of Oyster Creek, this spot is a great inshore location for many species like blowfish, weakfish & snappers. The water stays warm and some of the summer species never leave.

Exit the store and go south on route 9 until you leave Lacey Township. There is a bridge over the creek, parking on the shoulder before the bridge on the right.

Try a 5 pound frozen block of clams.
Island State Beach
Island Beach State Park
On the northern side of Barnegat Inlet from Seaside Park, Island Beach State Park offers world class surf fishing for New Jersey species. The wildlife abounds both on land and in the sea where generations of fisherman have found "one of a kind" surf fishing opportunities.

Exit the store and go North on route 9, to the parkway/route 9 merge. Get on route 37 east through Tom's River and over the causeway to Seaside Park exit, which puts you on Central Avenue. Take Central to the end. 4 wheel drive permit required for beach access in some locations.

Make it official!! Weigh in your fish at our store.
Huddy Park - Tom's River
Huddy Park
An excellent spot for summertime fishing for fluke, snapper blues & blue claw crabbing. Plenty of benches near the bulkhead, perfect for the kids.

Exit the store and make a left on route 9 north to Route 166 - Tom's River. Make a right at Water Street and park in lot on the right. Additional Parking available across from park.

Just be cautious of the close car traffic along the bulkhead.
Rick's Marina - Boat Ramp
Boat Ramp at Rick's Marina
Perfect spot to lauch your boat. Moderately priced at $10, includes safe & legal trailer parking. Access to the Barnegat Bay & Inlet to the Atlantic, from the Forked River.

Exit the store and make a right, south on route 9 for 2 miles. Over the bridge at Forked River State Marina. Make your first left. Marina 3/4 mile down on the left.

Just be cautious of the close car traffic along the bulkhead.

Fishing Boats
Stop in the store for information on these and other fishing opportunities in & around Forked River & Barnegat Bay
Cock Robin Deep Sea Fishing
Looking for a Fight?

Norma K III
Pinnacle of Ken's Landing

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