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Biggie's Bait & Tackle
65 Page Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10309
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"Friendly Local Information & Service"
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Coveniently located on Page Avenue in Staten Island
The shorelines, piers and marinas of Staten Island are excellent places to fish. Brian at Biggie's Bait & Tackle has been fishing these waters for many many years. His local knowledge of "what works & where" can give you the advantage you need for success. More than a bait & tackle shop, take advantage of the wealth of information he offers his customers.

Freshest Bunker on the Island
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We carry trolling gear & marine batteries for boat fishermen
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"Friendly Local Fishing Information"

Brian is a Staten Island resident and has been fishing the local waters for many years. You can depend upon his knowledge to help you catch fish on the Island. Stop in and say hello.
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Biggie's Bait & Tackle

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The secret to having a great tackle shop is keeping up with the ever changing array of gear. Biggie's keeps you up with all the latest, from the newest lures and colors to improvements on some of the well known brands. With plenty of first hand knowledge on the best rods and reels, take the time to check out Biggie's and set yourself up for success.
Check out our Selection of Bait, Tackle & Accessories
Live Bait
Pick up a "Keep Alive" Live Well and make them last a long time.
Killies - Sandworms - Bloodworms - Green Crabs - Fiddler Crabs - Clams - Fresh Bunker - Eels - Live Bait Buckets - Night Crawlers - Shiners(Fall & Spring only)

Species Blood Worms Sand Worms Live Killies Live Eels Green Crabs Fiddler Crabs Live Clams Fresh Bunker
Frozen Bait Use cut-up Mackerel Strips for Fluke Bait or for Chunking up some Big Blues Bunker - Mackerel - Spearing(Canadian & Local) - Sandeels - Mullet - Whole Large Squid - Calamari Squid - Pre-cut Squid - Clams - Herring -Smelts -

Species Frozen Spearing Frozen Sandeels Frozen Bunker Frozen Mackerel Frozen Herring Frozen Mullet Large Squid Small Squid Cut Squid Frozen Clams
Chum & Flats
We stock Chum Bags & Weighted Chum Pots
Also specialty knives for cutting frozen bait
4 gallon Bunker Chum - Flats of Bunker - Flats of Mackerel - Flats of Butterfish - 4 gallon Squid Chum - 4 gallon Spearing Chum - 4 gallon Clam Chum - Chum Pots & Chum Bags

Species 4 gal Bunker Chum 4 gal Mackerel Chum 4 gal Clam Chum Bunker Flat Mackerel Flat Butterfish Flat Sardine Flat Squid Flat
Fishing Tackle
Change your line every season. Frayed or damaged line loses fish!
Line removal & spooling done on premises.
Best hooks in the business

Hooks(many sizes & styles - Mustad, Gamakatsu) - Sinkers(many sizes - Bank, Pan & Pyramid) - Line(Mono (Ande, Trilene, Fireline, Stren, Power Pro), Hard Wire, Dacron) - Line removal & spooling done on premises

Line for today's angler

Packaged Rigs for ALL species - Metal Jigs - Artificial Worms & fish - Tons of Floating & Diving Plugs - Spinners & Spoons - Umbrella Rigs - Spinners, Spoons & Bunker Spoons - Offshore Lures & Tuna Feathers - Saltwater Flys - Flourocarbon Leader Material - Snap & Barrel Swivels - Bucktails - Tackle boxes & storage Solutions

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Custom Rods and these Great Names

Fishing Accessories
Don't miss out on a landing, pick up a new net or gaff at our store.
Knives(many types & styles) - Jetty Cleats - Neoprene Waders - Helly Hansen & Viking brand Foul Weather Gear - Gaffs - Flying Gaffs - Harnesses - Fighting Belts - Weight Scales - Fish Cleaning Scalers - Cutting boards - Buckets - Tape Measures - Stringers - Game Bags - Sandspikes - Landing Nets - Seine Nets - Killie & Eel Pot traps - Maryland Crab Traps - Box Crab Traps & Drop Lines - Ziploc Bags - Flashlights & Necklights - Filet Tables - Trolling Buckets

Other Essentials
Make sure you have plenty of these Essentials
Bags of Ice - Disposable Cameras - Free Publications - - Boots - Rain Gear - Capt Seagull Charts - Tide Charts - Gloves - Sunglasses - Marine Batteries - Outboard Oil Batteries

Fishing opportunities in Staten Island
Location Description & Directions from the store
The Fishing Pier
at South Beach
Great inshore fishing until 10:00 pm
Big Fishing Pier, right on the boardwalk on South Beach, located on the South East side of the Island. Fish at the point where the Raritan Bay, Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean all meet up!. Diverse species always running.

Exit the store and make a right to head south on Page Avenue for 1 mile. At Hylan Blvd, make a Left for 8 miles to Midland Ave. Make a right and go to the end, and make a left on Father Cappodano Blvd, which runs paralell with the beach and bordwalk. The pier will be the 4th lot you will encounter, on the right. Free Parking, view of the Verrazano Narrows, great beach & pier.

Fresh Bunker works Best for Bass!!!.
Great Kills Park
Great fishing for the family
With an excellent beach and popular jetty, explore the shorelines at Great Kills Park. For decades the fishing scene has revolved around the reports from this area in Staten Island. Close to New Jersey and New York City, a slice of paeace and nature in the midst of the busy island.

Exit the store and make a right to head south on Page Avenue for 1 mile. At Hylan Blvd, make a left and continue for 6 miles to Buffalo Dr. Signage for the park is on the right. Free Parking for beach, permit parking needed to park close to the Jetty.

Make it official!! Weigh in your fish at our store.
The Pier at Sharrot Ave
Lemon Creek Park
Great inshore fishing Day & Night
This pier has always been a great place for a day of fishing and crabbing with the family. Fish for Fluke, Blues, Stripers & Snappers or Blue Claws during the spring & summer and winter flounder in the late fall and early spring.

Exit the store and make a right to head south on Page Avenue for 1 mile. At Hylan Blvd, make a Left for 3 miles to Sharrot Ave. Make a right into the lot. Free Parking, beach access to Mount Loretta marker, plus a "family safe" fishing pier.

Fresh Bunker works Best for Bass!!!.
Conference House
Great inshore fishing Day & Night
Located on the west side of the island on the river, the beaches in and around the "Conference House Park" is a great place to experience the "beginning" of the back bay. Bunker and Stripers indigenous to the river are your primary target, with fluke flounder and blues or weaks regular runners. Try your hand at this great fishing spot.

Exit the store and make a right to head south on Page Avenue for 1 mile. At Hylan Blvd, make a right to the end. Street parking, watch the signs. There is a pavillion that does not allow fishing, however safe trails to the beach to fish the bay or river are at both sides of the pavillion.

Try early morning fishing in this area!!
Princess Bay
Great inshore fishing Day & Night
Hidden at the foot of the Mt Lorretto area on the shoreline, Princess bay offers calm waters and pleasant fishing, even when the weather is not the best. This rare location offers an easy walk to the jetty, and because of it's location is typically very calm and protected from the wind. Great place to bring the family and fish more all local species in season.

Exit the store and make a right to head south on Page Avenue for 1 mile. At Hylan Blvd, make a left and continue for 2 miles to ????? Avenue. At the end, is a strip of woods and beach. Street Parking and easy walk to the jetty rock wall or beach.

The structure of the Jetty holds many local species. Fish here for a "mixed bag" of fish!
Channels at Mt Laretto
"The Dental Works"
Great inshore fishing Day & Night
Boat fishermen in New York and New Jersey call this zone of the Raritan Bay "The Dental Works". It is easily found on the north shore of the Raritan Bay, with the shoreline tower channel marker, and the steeple of the monestary on Hylan Ave. There is a criss cross of channels there and make for excellent fishing for Fluke, Blues, Striped Bass and Weaks. Boaters frequent these grounds for action trolling and casting lures for our local Gamefish species.

In the Raritan bay, look at the south shore of Staten Island, locate the large steeple of the monastery. The chanells that criss cross 2 miles off the beach ALWAYS hold bait and predators. Troll, jig or use bucktails. This is a great spot!

We open early and close late year round.
Bayview Ave Boat Ramp
Nominal Ramp Fee
Fast & convenient loading & unloading and quick access to some of the best inshore fishing grounds in the Raritan Bay.

Exit the store and make a right to head south on Page Avenue for 1 mile. At Hylan Blvd, make a left and continue 2 miles to Bayview Ave, make a right on Bayview and go to the end. The ramp is to the left. Safe Parking and easy in & out!

We carry boating and marine accessories for your last minute needs.

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