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Captain Rob
Captain Rob
docked at
Pier 6
Sheepshead Bay
Brooklyn, NY
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US Coast Guard Inspected & Certified for Safety

"Bluefish & Tuna Specialists for Generations"
Photo taken on 7/15/04

110 feet long - 22 feet wide - 3 Diesel Engines
With the power & speed of the Brooklyn VI, you can depend upon a safe and stable ride to the bluefish & mackerel reaches, and the Hudson Canyon. Big and wide comfortable cushioned seating, large booth type tables and more than enough elbow room when fishing. Make the Brooklyn VI your only choice for Tuna and Blues.
" The Boat that Made Brooklyn Famous for Fishing "
Since 1948
Hours of Operation
Trip Dates Leaves Arrives
Full Day Trips Every Day 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
Night Trips Every Night- Dec 7:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m.
Closed Jan - Mar - - -
Clean Mens & Womens Restrooms Available
Full Restaurant Galley Meals with Hot & Cold Drinks Available

  • Clean & Comfortable Fishing
  • We supply the Rod, Reel & Bait
  • Easy ride to the Canyons, Reaches and Mudhole
  • Top Shelf Service from captain & crew
  • Optional Largest Fish Pool
  • Full Galley, Soda & Snack Machines onboard
  • Clean Men's & Women's Restrooms
  • Tackle & Rigs available
  • Rental Poles also available
  • Fish Cleaning Service

To Join the RFA call toll free 1-888-SAVE-FISH
Expert Captain & Fisherman
Captain Rob
Captain Rob
Captain Rob has the respect from his peers as being one of the foremost experts on bluefish. The Brooklyn VI is on top of the best schools of fish 16 hours per day everyday, and as the fish move, Captain Rob knows right where they are. Join the Brooklyn VI any day for a workout with the chopper blues that make him famous.

Extra Large Cabin, Galley, Booths & AC!!
Plenty of room for you, your family and your gear.
Go Fishing on the Brooklyn VI
The months are an approximation based on a typical year.

Chart Key
Scheduled Trip
Reservations Only
Special Trip
Trip Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Canyon Tuna
Offshore Wreck Fishing
Striped Bass
Fireworks Cruise
What to Bring
  • If there is anything you need for fishing we have it on board

  • Make sure the line on your reels is in good condition and not frayed or twisted

  • We have snacks & cold beverages

  • Bring the Family and Enjoy the Day

Fishing Trips
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses
  • Rain gear if it's raining- be prepared and don't get caught standing in the rain
  • Hat, Jacket & Gloves - be prepared for cooler weather when on the water.
  • We have Freddy-C T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Ball Caps for sale on board.
  • Rag for your hands
  • Camera, Film & Batteries - share the memories with your family & friends
  • 1 Rod & Reel (also available onboard for rental) - we recommend spinning or baitcasting outfits in the 15 lb class & 15 or 20 lb test, for Fluke, Flounder & Weaks. Heavier Gear for Blackfish & Ling to handle larger sinkers.
  • Terminal Tackle(available on board) - Fluke, Flounder & Bottom fishing rigs moderately priced.
  • Friends & Family
  • Pair of Binoculars
  • Cameras & Video Cameras
What NOT to Bring
  • NO Illegal Drugs - we have a ZERO tolerance and enforce maritime law for the possesion or use of illicit drugs
  • NO Hard Liquor - Cans of Beer OK, must be 21 or over
  • NO Excessive Amounts of Beer - just a few!

About our Fishing Trips
Targeted Species Description of Trip

" Best Bluefish Boat in the Business "

For generations the Brooklyn VI has been fishing for bluefish from Sheepshead Bay, and this experience nearly guarantees a great day of fishing. More often than not, the boat limits out, so Captain Rob picks the school with the largest size in the area on the day of your trip. Sometimes the schools hold fish in the 14 pound and up class. Chumming is very typical, however sometimes the schools are so thick, that drifting and jigging is the ticket. Either way, you could not pick a better bluefish boat to fish on. Captain Rob barely lets the bluefish rest, with 2 full 8 hour trips per day!

Our crew will offer to clean your fish on the way back home.

" Fill your Freezer "

Every year the Brooklyn VI finds the huge schools of Boston Mackerel during the 2 major runs, in December and April. The boat takes you to the grounds where the mackerel are so thick, that you will be catching 3,4 sometimes 5 at a time!. It is typical for mackerel fishing to be extremely productive, with catches as high as 300 or 400 fish per man during the trip. Get ready to be buried in your catch. If you have been mackerel fishing, then you know what to expect, but if you have never experienced it, make a point of fishing with Captain Rob during the mackerel run, for a fishing trip you will never forget!

We supply Rods & Reels for use, at no additional charge
Canyon TUNA fishing
" Travel to the Canyon in Style "

Starting in September, the Brooklyn VI schedules special overnight fishing trips to the various deep water Canyons, and this is the boat to take such a trip on. At 110 feet long, the vessel can comfortably handle almost any conditions safely. When other boats need to turn around and go home, the Brooklyn keeps on going, and gets you to the grounds where you fish for Yellowfin, Bluefin, Longfin, BigEye, Swordfish, Marlin & big Sharks. Reservations are required for all trips, and each trip is limited to only 30 persons. The cabin is wide and spacious, and we always cook real food in the galley, so just bring yourself, everything you need is already aboard. For more details, check out the "Offshore Fishing Checklist" on the Stella Maris Fishing Station website.

We use Clams for the Bottom Species. Green Crabs also available for Blackfish
Bottom Fishing

" Bottom Fishing for the Winter "

"The Freddy-C starts Bottom fishing shortly after Fluke season ends, each year. Theses trips start off with Porgy & Seabass, but soon turn into Blackfish & Ling by the end of the year. Blackfishing on the Freddy-C is a sure way to fill up your fishbox with plenty of delicious bottom fish. Captain Fred sails everyday during the winter for Blackfish or "Tog". No better way to spend a day-off fishing."

We provide plenty of Green Crabs for Tautog fishing!

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