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(Across from the Dinosaur)
Bayville, NJ 08721

(732) 237-0553
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Tony Rutigliano

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Ocean County Cub Scouts
"Parkway Exit 80 to Route 9 South"
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Eastern Bait & Tackle is a key location when you choose to fish the calm protected waters of the Barnegat Bay. Catering to the Shore Fisherman & the Boater, Eastern Bait & Tackle offers knowledgeable advice on what's biting and where to fish. Top names in Rods & Reels, for you to try in the store, before you buy. Make Eastern Bait & Tackle your first stop for Barnegat Bay!

" Newly Remodeled Bait & Tackle Shop "
Hours of Operation
Day Season Open Closed
Mon - Thurs Spring
Mar 1 - Apr 30
6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
Fri, Sat & Sun Spring
Mar 1 - Apr 30
6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
(2:00 p.m. Sunday)
Mon - Thurs Summer
May 1 - Sept 30
5:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.
Fri, Sat & Sun Summer
May 1 - Sept 30
4:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
(2:00 p.m. Sunday)
Mon - Thurs Fall
Oct 1 - Nov 30
6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
Fri, Sat & Sun Fall
Oct 1 - Nov 30
6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
(2:00 p.m. Sunday)
Mon - Thurs Winter
Dec 1 - Feb 28
9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
- - -
Fri, Sat & Sun Winter
Dec 1 - Feb 28
9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
(2:00 p.m. Sunday)
Point Pleasant Party Boat & Local Charter Information inside the store
Weigh-In your catch on our Scales
Restroom Available
Offshore Gear

We Deliver Large Orders

Always on Hand

"Tackle for all Types of Fishing"

Service to our customer is our top priority. We take special orders on merchandise with a fast turnaround. We stock all the latest new tackle and accessories, for a great day of fishing.

"Local Fishing Expertise"
We carry many Brand Names

Bring the family fishing on the cozy shoreline of Barnegat Bay. Fishing & Crabbing makes for a wholesome enjoyment of the area. Barnegat Bay is reknown for it's crabbing. Take a day and stop by Eastern Bait & Tackle for all the info.

Check out our Selection of Bait, Tackle & Accessories
Live Bait
Ask for some great tips on fishing in Barnegat Bay
Sandworms - Bloodworms - Clams - Green Crabs - Eels - Killies - Shiners - Night Crawlers - Live Bait Buckets

Species Blood Worms Sand Worms Live Killies Live Eels Green Crabs Live Clams Night Crawlers Shiners
Fresh Bait
Fresh Bait makes the difference
Salted Clams - Bunker - Spearing - Cleaned & Tubed Squid - Local Squid - Mackerel

Species Spearing Squid Bunker Mackerel Salted Clams
Frozen Bait Kosher salt will keep your frozen bait preserved even when it thaws out. Bunker(single) - Mackerel(single) - Local Spearing - Canadian Spearing - Sandeels - Eels - Mullet - Whole Trolling Squid - Bait Shrimp - Smelts - Butterfish - Split Backs - Small Squid - Cleaned Tube Squid - Scented & Colored Squid Strips - Calamari - Clams -

Species Frozen Spearing Frozen Sandeels Frozen Bunker Frozen Mackerel Frozen Mullet Squid Cut & Tube Squid Frozen Clams
Chum & Flats
Get results while chumming, ask about the different methods and how to bait & rig your lines, and how to use the Scented Oils.

Frozen Bunker Chum & Mackerel Chum
(4 gallon)
- Clam Logs - Flats of Bait(Bunker, Mackerel, Butterfish, Squid) Flats of Worms(Sand & Blood) - Chum Pots & Chum Bags - Knives for Chunking

Species Bunker Oil 4 gal Bunker Chum 4 gal Mackerel Chum Clam Logs Bunker Flat Mackerel Flat Butterfish Flat Worm Flat Squid Flat
Fishing Tackle
Hook more fish. Sharpen the hooks before you fish.
Best hooks in the business

Hooks(many sizes & styles - Mustad, Gamakatsu, Eagle Claw) - Sinkers(many sizes - Cushion , Hatterras, Egg, Bank, Pan, Pyramid(, Line Sinkers, Trolling & Split Shots) - Line(Mono (Ande & Ande Tournement, Quattro High Seas, Yozuri Hybrid Flouro Line, Stren, Power Pro(10 lb to 80 lb), Wire(30lb - 80lb)) - Lead Core Line(27lb, 36lb & 45lb) - Line removal & spooling done on premises

Line for today's angler

Packaged Rigs for ALL species - Metal Jigs - Artificial Worms & fish(FIN-S, Grubb Tail, Shad Shaker) - Tons of Floating & Diving Plugs(Bomber, Mega-bait, Atom, Rapala, Mirrolure, Creek Chub) - Spinners(Mepps & Roostertails) & Spoons - Umbrella Rigs - Spoons(Hopkins, Kroc, Gator, Diamond Jig, Clarkspoons, Crippled Herring, Ava, Accetta) & Bunker Spoons(Montauk Striper) - Planers - Shad & Herring Darts - Offshore Lures & Tuna Feathers(Custom Made) - Daisy Chains & Teasers(Custom Made) - Trolling Birds - Cedar Plugs - Umbrella Rigs(Blanks, Tubes & Shad) - Seaguar Flourocarbon Leader Material - Snap & Barrel Swivels - Bucktails - Tackle boxes, Tackle Racks & storage Solutions - Rig Materials(Paint, Swivels, Hooks, Beads, Leaders, Crimpers & Sleeves, Surgical Tubing & more)

Top names in artificial baits

Rods & Reels Many Premium Brand reels in Stock, everyday!

Tica, Shimano, Penn & Abu Conventional Inshore & Offshore Reels
Penn International & Shimano(2 day turnaround for top shelf Shimano Reels - Tiagra - Calcutta)
Offshore, Bay & Surf Combos
All Types of Rods(Shimano, Penn, Shakespeare Ugly Stik, Lamiglas, Berkely) - Wire Line Trolling Rods
Outrigger & Downrigger clips, line & weights

Expert Rod & Reel Repairs

Brand names

Fishing Accessories
A Store full of Everything you Need
Fishing & Hunting Licenses Now Available
Knives - Scales - Scalers - Cutting boards - Buckets - Tape Measures - Stringers - Game Bags - Sandspikes - Landing Nets - Gaffs - Seine Nets - Killie & Eel traps - - Headlamps - Nautical & Fishing Charts - Fishing & Needlenose Pliers

Clamming & Crabbing Gear
Everything you need!
Crabbing & Clamming Licenses Now Available
Clam Scratch Rakes - Baskets - Clam Knives - Crabbing Tongs - Zinc Bars - Wire Baskets - Booties - Gloves - Crab Traps - Crab Nets - Drop Lines - Clam Opener - Maryland & Florida Crab Traps

Other Essentials
Weigh-in your catch
Bags of Ice 8lb & 40lb Bags - Blocks of Ice - Coolers - FREE Coffee - Fishing Tee Shirts - Hats - Boots - Gloves - Waders - Rain Gear - Magazines(NJ Fisherman, RFA & JCAA) - Film & Disposable Cameras - Sunscreen - Soda Machine - Flashlights - Glo-Tips & Glo-Sticks

Stop into our store on your way to these nearby locations
Location Description & Directions from the store
Island Beach State Park
World Class Surf Fishing
Fish with the best and get your prize catch. Permits for 4 wheel drive vehicles available. Drive right on the beach and fish all day or all night. The park is reknown throughout NJ for being one of the best spots for Striped Bass, Blues & Albacore.

Exit the store go right on Route 9 North to 37 east. Take 37 east over the Bridge to route 35 south to Seaside Park which puts you on Central Avenue. Stay on Central to the end. Park Entrance, stop at gate. Go to Gillikan's Road, Area 15, Area 23, Short Road & Two Bit Road

Stop by the park office 3 miles into the park for all the literature and maps of the park.
Berkely Island County Park
Safe, Fun & Comfortable Family Fishing & Crabbing
The park has a concrete seawall and a fishing pier that many anglers in the area frequent for excellent fishing from the shores of the Barnegat Bay. Snapper Blues & Crabs in the summer, Fluke during the season, blowfish, kingfish, weaks & stripers all run off the pier during the year.
Exit the store and make a left on route 9 south. Head south about 3 miles through Bayville. Follow signs for Berkely Island County Park on the left.

We carry crab traps, droplines, scoop nets and crab bait! Also check out our rods & reels for the kids.
Huddy Park - Tom's River
Huddy Park
An excellent spot for summertime fishing for weakfish, snapper blues & blue claw crabbing. Plenty of benches near the bulkhead, perfect for the kids.

Exit the store go right on Route 9 North to route 166 North. Take Route 166 North (Main Street - Tom's River). Make a right at Water Street and park in lot on the immediate right. Additional Parking available across from park.

Huddy Park parking lot & the Parking Lot across the street
14th Ave Pier & 5th Ave Pier
Family Fishing with the kids
Family Fishing with the kids
The calm waters of Barnegat Bay make fishing at the 14th Avenue Pier safe & productive. Catch Fluke, Weaks, Snapper Blues, Winter Flounder or Crabs.

Exit the store go right on Route 9 North to 37 east. Take 37 east over the Bridge to route 35 south to Seaside Park which puts you on Central Avenue. Stay on Central to 14th Avenue and make a right. Take 14th down to the end. Plenty of parking. 5th Ave Pier located at the end of 5th Avenue at Barnegat Bay.

Calm Protected Waters
Make it official!! Weigh in your fish at our store.
Island Heights Public Access
Island Heights
An excellent spot for fishing for winter Winter Flounder, fluke, stripers, blowfish, snapper blues & blue claw crabbing.

Exit the store go right on Route 9 North to 37 east. Take 37 to West End Ave and take the jughandle to go left. Continue down to the water. Make a left to go to the Pavillion.

Some areas do not have fishing spots. Read the signs along the bulkhead & on the piers.
Bay Avenue in Barnegat
Two Dollar charge during the Summer.
For a great day on the water's edge, Bay Avenue in Barnegat Township is a great place to relax and catch fish. Snappers, Blue Claw Crabs, Blowfish, Fluke, Flounder & Weaks.

Exit the store and turn left onto route 9 for 12 miles to Barnegat Township. Follow signs for E. Bay Avenue and take to the waterfront. Public access parking & fishing area is on the right. A bathing beach is another quarter mile down.

Just be cautious of the close car traffic along the bulkhead.
Lake Shenandoah
Freshwater Fishing
Largemouth Bass, Trout and other Freshwater Gamefish inhabit the clean healthy lake. The park is also the perfect spot to rent or launch a small boat for the lake. There is also a pier, and a brook that runs through the woods.
Exit the store go right on Route 9 North to the Parkway, go North to exit 91 for route 88 west until you cross route 9. Park is about 2 miles on the left.

Check out our selection of Freshwater Baits, lures & tackle.

Party Boats in Point Pleasant (20 miles North)
Stop in the store for information on these and other fishing opportunities in & around Bayville./b>
in Nearby Point Pleasant Beach

in Nearby Point Pleasant Beach

in Nearby Point Pleasant Beach

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