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Fishing for Wahoo

Fishing for Wahoo

The oceanic cheetah, able to swim up to 70 mph, wahoo have the right name. They are the only fish to be able to move the upper and lower jaw to bite. Wahoo have many strong sharp teeth made for gabbing baitfish and holding on at high speeds. Wahoo are always on the move. They are opportunistic feeders since they cover so much ground so fast, they will usually take anything they can during they're high speed journey. Wahoo can be found favoring the warm side of a temperature break, darting in and out of the cooler side to hunt.

It is not easy to say, �I'm going fishing for wahoo�. Normally wahoo just happen while fishing for other species like marlin or tuna, so your spread may consist of many top-water squid and feathers. During the early to mid summer, include a diving plug. In order to fish a diving plug at the speed you would fish top- water lures you will need a 9/0 rod and reel with 50 lb test line. This outfit will handle the extra drag created by your 8 to 12 mph trolling speeds.

There are many different lures that you can use. Try to select a lure that is designed to dive 15 to 30 feet. Wahoo will take surface lures but are typically cruising and feeding below the surface. When a wahoo hits you will know it. It will peel off line more than any other fish you ever hooked. They will run far and fast before you will be able to turn them and fight. Depending upon the size of the fish, the wahoo may get spent in a short time. Now the fight begins playing a 40 or 60 lb fish to the boat.

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