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Central Ave & "O" Street
Seaside Park, NJ 08752
(732) 793-1100
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"On your way to Island Beach State Park"
Photo taken on 9/21/01

The first Bait & Tackle store when you enter Seaside Park, Jersey Joe's has everything you need in one convenient stop. Live, fresh & frozen baits, quality terminal tackle, rods & reels and accessories, and a full luncheonette serving your breakfast & lunch. Plenty of soda, bottled water & Ice.

" Local Fresh Clams "
Hours of Operation
Day Season Open Closed
Sun - Thurs Spring & Fall 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
Sun - Thurs Mem Day - Oct 31st 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
Fri & Sat Mem Day - Oct 31st 5:00 a.m. until 12:00 Midnight
Closed Xmas & New Years days - - -
Point Pleasant Charter & Party Boat Information inside the store.
Luncheonette closes at 9:00 pm except during 24 hour weekends in the summer.
9 to 12 foot Surf Pole
Spinning Reel with 20 to 50 pound mono or Power Pro
Sandspike for the Beach
Maryann's Fishing Reports & IBSP Information
Other Fresh or Frozen Bait, Knife & Bucket
Terminal Tackle, Plugs, Spoons & Jigs
Tape Measure for Fish
Landing Gaff for Keepers
Bucket, Stringer or Cooler for your Catch
Quick & Easy Hot Meal before you fish
Lounge Chair, Ice, Soda & Other essentials

Give the Gift of Fishing
Gift Certificates Available

"Great Food, Great Prices, Fast Service"
Early Morning Breakfast before you Fish
When you stop by Jersey Joe's for your Bait & Tackle, sit down and have a great breakfast or fast lunch. Our grill is open til 1:30 pm everyday. Our friendly and helpful staff will take your order and serve it up to stay, or pack it up to go. In either case, treat yourself to the great food offerred at the Luncheonette on the premises.

"Bait, Tackle & Luncheonette"

All the rigs, sinkers, hooks, leaders line and other gear that you need for fishing on IBSP. Local info from area expert Maryann Stilton. Let the friendly courteous staff outfit you for your next trip. Famous plugs and jigs also available. Joe only stocks what works, so try something new, or replace and old lure.

Check out our Selection of Bait, Tackle & Accessories
Live Bait
Ask Joe for some great tips on keeping your whole clams on the hook.
Sandworms - Bloodworms - Green Crabs - Clams (Best Price per Dozen!!) - Bunker(when available - Live and/or Fresh(for chunks)) - Eels - Killies - Live Bait Buckets

Local Fish Species
Species Clams Squid Mullet Eels Spearing Bunker

Striped Bass

Fluke(Summer Flounder)

Blues & Snapper Blues


Black Drum


Frozen Bait Frozen Baits need to be rigged right! Jersey Joe's will show you how! Bunker(single) - Mackerel(single) - Spearing - - Mullet - Pre-cut Squid - Small Squid - Calamari - Clams

Chum & Flats
Get results while chumming, ask about the different methods and how to bait & rig your lines.
Bunker Chum(5 gallon) - Mackerel Chum(4 gallon) - Clam Logs - Flats of Bait(Call Ahead to Order - Bunker, Mackerel, Butterfish) - Chum Pots & Chum Bags - Knives for Chunking

Fishing Tackle
Get more Strikes & Hook more fish. The right hook makes the difference.
Best hooks in the business

Hooks(many sizes & styles - Mustad, Gamakatsu, Owner, Eagle Claw) - Sinkers(many sizes - Hatteras, Eggs, Bank, Pan & Pyramid) - Line(Mono (Ande, Trilene, Fireline, Stren, Power Pro), Wire) Flourocarbon Leader Material(Seaguar) - Line removal & spooling done on premises

Line for today's angler

Packaged Rigs for ALL species - Metal Jigs - Artificial Worms & fish(FIN-S, Shakers) - Tons of Floating & Diving Plugs - Spinners & Spoons - Umbrella Rigs - Spinners, Spoons & Bunker Spoons - Snap & Barrel Swivels - Bucktails - Tackle boxes & storage Solutions

Top names in artificial baits

Rods & Reels Many Premium Brand reels in Stock, everyday!

Penn Conventional Inshore & Offshore Reels - Spinners from Penn, Daiwa - Specialty Rod & Reel Combos - Child Sized Rods & Reels - Surf Poles & Reels - All Types of Rods

Fishing Accessories
We specialize in inshore fishing & crabbing accessories
Knives(many types & styles) - Scales - Scalers - Cutting boards - Buckets - Tape Measures - Stringers - Game Bags - Sandspikes - Landing Nets - Gaffs - Seine Nets - Killie & Eel traps - Maryland Crab Traps - Box Crab Traps & Drop Lines - Ziplock Bags - Flashlights & Necklights

Other Essentials
Let us help you get prepared for your day fishing & crabbing.
Bags of Ice - Snacks - Sodas - Bottled Water - Sunscreen - Lighters - Disposable Cameras - Film - Hats - Batteries

Stop into our store on your way to these nearby locations
Location Description & Directions from the store
Herring Ave & Casino Pier
Right next to the Boardwalk
Great Surf & Pier Fishing
Surf fisherman prize Herring Ave for the surf & the Casino Pier is just perfect for the whole family. Stop in Jersey Joe's for the latest reports from this great spot. Striped Bass, Croakers, Kingfish, Blues & Fluke.

Exit the store and make a U-turn back on Central Ave. Follow signs for Seaside Heights and make a right. Head down to the beach and go left. Take to the very end. Parking (pay in the summer) available at the end of Herring Ave at the beach.

We carry surf poles, sandspikes and fresh & salted clams!
Island Beach State Park
World Class Surf Fishing
Fish with the best and get your prize catch. Permits for 4 wheel drive vehicles available. Drive right on the beach and fish all day or all night. The park is reknown throughout NJ for being one of the best spots for Striped Bass, Blues & Albacore.

Exit the store and continue down Central Avenue to the end. Park Entrance, stop at gate. Go to Gillikan's Road, Area 15, Area 23, Short Road & Two Bit Road

Stop by the park office 3 miles into the park for all the literature aand maps of the park.
14th Ave Pier & 5th Ave Pier
Family Fishing with the kids
Family Fishing with the kids
The calm waters of Barnegat Bay make fishing at the 14th Avenue Pier safe & productive. Catch Fluke, Weaks, Snapper Blues, Flounder or Crabs.

Exit the store and continue down Central Avenue to 14th Avenue and make a right. Take 14th down to the end. Plenty of parking. 5th Ave Pier located at the end of 5th Avenue at Barnegat Bay.

Calm Protected Waters
Make it official!! Weigh in your fish at our store.
Lavallette Jetty
Stripers, Blues & Blackfish
Many anglers enjoy fishing off the rocks, and Lavallette jetty is close & convenient. Fish for Blackfish and Stripers in the rocks. Cast for Blues & Albacore, or fish the bottom for Weaks, Fluke & Croakers.

Exit the store and make a U-turn. Follow signs for Route 35 North. Proceed through Ortley Beach to Lavallette. Make a right on any of the streets to get to Lavallette Jetty.

Make it official!! Weigh in your fish at our store.

Fishing Boats near Seaside Park
Stop in the store for information on these and other fishing opportunities in & aroundSeaside Park & Barnegat Bay
in Nearby Point Pleasant Beach

in Nearby Point Pleasant Beach

in Nearby Point Pleasant Beach

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