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Julian's Bait Co, Tackle Manufacturer & Ice
Bait, Tackle & Ice
990.Highway 36
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
(732) 291-0050
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Margaret & Joe

"Specializing in Striped Bass Fishing"
Photo taken on 7/5/01
The Absolute Experts at Striped Bass Fishing in the Sandy Hook region, Julian's has been providing anglers with advice, equipment & bait since 1932. Nobody even comes close to the wealth of knowledge that has developed within the walls of this pinnacle of fishing in Sandy Hook. With a complete line of Bunker Spoons, Wire Line, Trolling Rods & Trolling Rod holders designed and manufactured by Julian's specifically for Striped Bass.
Everything you need for Striped Bass
Plenty of room for your trailer & boat
Open early everyday
" Julian's Legacy since 1932! "
Hours of Operation
Season Days Open Closed
Peak Season Mon - Sun 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. (Sun 3:00 p.m.)
Season Peaks during Daylight Savings Time
Taxidermy Service Available
Sandy Hook Area Fishing Info
Party & Charter Boat Info
We manufacture the Montauk Striper brand Bunker Spoons.

Specially designed rods, t-bars & pole holders, for trolling bunker spoons.
Offshore gear
Large line spools
Give us a call to see if we have it, 732-291-0050

Check out our Selection of Bait, Tackle & Accessories
Live Bait
We stock a selection of Live Bait buckets & Aerators to keep'em alive
Killies - Sandworms(Flats Available) - Bloodworms - Green Crabs - Clams - Fresh Bunker for Chunks - Eels - Freshwater Live Bait(Mealworms, Garden Worms, Night Crawlers) - Live Bait Buckets - Clam Chom

Species Blood Worms Sand Worms Live Killies Fresh Bunker Chunks Live Eels Green Crabs Fiddler Crabs Live Clams
Frozen Bait Try some Colored & Scented Squid Strips for Fluke & Weaks Bunker(Single & Peanut, Fresh & Frozen) - Mackerel(single) - Spearing - Sandeels - Eels - Mullet - Whole Giant Squid - Pre-cut Squid - Scented & Colored Squid - Small Squid - Clams & Clam Bellies (4 and 2 gallon!!!)

Species Frozen Spearing Frozen Sandeels Frozen Bunker Frozen Mackerel Frozen Mullet Giant Squid Colored Squid Cut Squid Clams & Bellies
Chum & Flats
We stock Chum Bags & Weighted Chum Pots
Also specialty knives for cutting frozen bait
Bunker Chum(5 gallon) - Flats of Sandworms - Clam Logs & Clam Bellies(2 and 4 gallon) - Flats of Bait(Bunker, Mackerel, Butterfish, Smelts, Squid, Sandworms) - Chum Pots & Chum Bags - Knives for Chunking

Species Bunker Oil 5 gal Bunker Chum Sandworm Flats Clam Logs Bunker Flat Mackerel Flat Butterfish Flat Bunker Oil & Milk
Fishing Tackle
Change your line every season.
Line removal & spooling done on premises.
Best hooks in the business

Hooks(many sizes & styles - Mustad, Gamakatsu) - Sinkers(many sizes - Bank, Pan & Pyramid) - Line(Mono (Ande, Trilene, Stren), Wire, Dacron) - Line removal & spooling done on premises

Line for today's angler

Packaged Rigs for ALL species - Metal Jigs - Artificial Worms & fish 2" to 10" - Floating & Diving Plugs - Spinners & Spoons - Umbrella Rigs - Spinners, Manufacturer of Montauk Striper Bunker Spoons - Shell Squid - Mann Stretch 8's to 30's - Sea Striker - Berkeley Power Baits - Fin-S - Offshore Lures & Tuna Feathers Rigged & Unrigged - Custom made Daisy Chains & Spreaders for trolling - Flourocarbon Leader Material - Snap & Barrel Swivels - Bucktails - Tackle boxes & storage Solutions

Top names in artificial baits

Rods & Reels We carry all Parts for PENN Reels!
Our reels are the best in the world

Penn Conventional Inshore & Offshore Reels (We carry PENN parts in STOCK!!) - Rods, Reels & Accessories designed specifically for Trolling Bunker Spoons. Spinners from Penn, Shimano & Daiwa - Specialty Rod & Reel Combos - Silstar Reels - Fin-Nor Reels - Accurate Reels - Van Staal Reels - Big Game Combos - Abu Garcia Reels - Child Sized Rods & Reels - Rod & Reel Repair Service(Bring in your broken rods & reels) - Custom Rods - Big Game Rod & Reel Combos - Downrigger & Outrigger clips & line - Surf Poles & Reels - All Types of Rods(Penn, Cape Fear, Seeker, Tica, Silstar, Shakespeare Ugly Stik, Daiwa, Lamiglas, Star) - Outrigger & Downrigger clips, line & weights
Custom Rods and these Great Names

Fishing Accessories
One of the most important aspects of fishing is being prepared!
Knives(many types & styles, folding & multi-tool) - Scales - Scalers - Cutting boards - Buckets - Tape Measures - Stringers - Game Bags - Sandspikes - Landing Nets - Gaffs - Seine Nets - 50 foot Crab Sein Nets - - Killie & Eel traps - Maryland Crab Traps - Crab Tongs - Box Crab Traps & Drop Lines - Ziploc Bags - Hat Lights, Flashlights & Necklights - - Fishing Gloves

Boating Equipment
Stop by for these last minute items
Marine Batteries - Outboard Oil - Nautical Charts & Fishing Maps - Boat Plugs - Horns - Life Jackets - Stainless Steel Screws

Other Essentials
Everything ELSE you need to enjoy your day.
Bags of Ice (7lb, 35lb & 22 lb. Block)
Coolers & Cooler Carts - Sodas - Bottled Water - Disposable Cameras - Film - Free Publications - Fishing Tee Shirts - Hats - Sweat Shirts - Beach Accessories - Neoprene Waders by "Pro Line" - Boots - Rain Gear - Foul Weather Gear - Gloves - Batteries

Stop into our store on your way to these nearby locations
Location Description & Directions from the store
Sandy Hook
World Class Surf Fishing
Offering surf fishing, bathing & water sports. Sandy Hook is one of the most popular beaches for all of these activities. The fishing scene has always proven to be the finest in the area because of the elements that surround the peninsula, like the 60 foot drop off in casting range, a myriad of small jetties, flat & shallow sandy bottom and a riptide.

Exit the store and continue down 36 for about 3 miles. Bear right across the bridge and follow the signs for Sandy Hook. Parking at Gateway National Park.

Don't forget to pick up any missing essentials at our store.
Atlantic Highlands Jetty
Atlantic Highlands Jetty
The jetty & inlet in the Atlantic Highlands has consistently produced all the bayshores most popular gamefish. The pilings are a great spot to bait cast for Big Stripers.

Exit the store to the next light at First Street and make the jughandle to go left. Head down through the Atlantic Highlands. At the end the parking lot is on the right. Enter the lot and go right to park as close to the jetty as you can.

We carry Jetty Cleats & Sandspikes for safe & comfortable fishing.
"Shrewsbury River
The bridge to Sandy Hook
The currents at the mouth of the Shrewsbury River are historically one of the best spots for Striped Bass. Worms, Clams & Plugs have always produced Stripers. This is a great spot starting in April until December. In the early spring, Flounder are also a good bet, but Fluke & Blues can also be caught during the summer months.

Exit the store and continue down route 36 for 2.5 miles. Just before the bridge make a right and park along the road. There is a public beach and many other spots along the river.

Make it official!! Weigh in your fish at our store.
Atlantic Highlands Pier
The Bayshore's Largest Beach
A safe and comfortable fishing spot near the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor. Bring the whole family for a day of fishing and crabbing.

Take the next jughandle on 36 to First Street. Go down First Street through the Atlantic Highlands. You will see the sign on the right for the Municipal Harbor. Make a right and park. Pier is right near the boat ramp.

In the summer bring the family for a day of fun, sun & fishing in the calm surf.
Boat Ramp at Atlantic Highlands
One of the most popular ramps
Fast, Safe & Easy access to the famous striper haunts of Sandy Hook. Find your fish at Romer Shoals, Flynn's Knoll, The Rip and the Hook, all just minutes from the ramp.

Take the next jughandle on 36 to First ave. Go down First ave. through the Atlantic Highlands. You will see the sign on the right for the Municipal Harbor. Make a right and continue to the gate for the Harbor. Trailer Parking Available

Pick up your oil & a spare battery for your boat at our store

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