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The Best in Bottom Fishing
Reef & Wreck Fishing Trips
Capt. Greg Nardiello
First Mate: Glen Nardiello
docked at the
Pier 5 Sheepshead Bay
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Call the Ocean Eagle
Phone (718) 258-4126

US Coast Guard Inspected & Certified for Safety

"Daily Full Day Fishing Trips"
Photo taken on 9/18/03

Best Bottom Fishing in the Business
80' Open Party Boat
The Ocean Eagle sails everyday, anchoring or drifting over reefs, wrecks, and those special spots that Captain Greg has found over his 30 years of fishing the New York area waters. Plenty of room, no over crowding, and a FULL Day schedule makes the Ocean Eagle V, the perfect choice for fishing in New York.

" Catch a trip on the Ocean Eagle "
Hours of Operation
Trip Dates Leaves Arrives
Day Fishing Trips Everyday 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
(at least)
Night Trips Call for Schedule 7:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m.
Clean Mens & Womens Restrooms Available
Excellent Galley with REAL food, Daily Specials with side dishes, Burgers & Dogs, Beer, Snack Bar & Hot/Cold Drinks Available
Beginners & Experts

Porgy, Sea Bass
Blackfish, Ling & Cod

Bring home a mixed bag of different species of fish

All Trips Include:
  • We supply you with a fishing rod & reel
  • Other rod rentals available
  • We supply the Bait
  • Fast, comfortable & stable ride
  • Experienced Captain & Mates
  • Optional Biggest Fish Pool
"New York's Blackfish Expert"

Captain Greg Nardiello
Captain Greg is has been said to be, "one of the best Tautog Fishermen" in the NY area. Take a trip with Greg, and his crew, brothers Jeff & Glen, and let them show you how to become a "sharpshooter" for blackfish. As a Captain, Greg has been skipper of open party boats in both Staten Island and Brooklyn for the past 20+ years. He is licensed and certified, and his experience is as good as it gets. Let Captain Greg hook you up over a wreck or reef, and put you right on the fish.

"Roomy Cabin & Full Galley"

Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks

Enjoy the quick ride to the various reefs and wrecks, by having a hot meal. Every day Captain Greg serves up a special dish for his customers. Definitiely not that "same old" galley food. The crew of the Ocean Eagle takes pride in all that they do, and that includes the Galley Menu.

First Mate Glen Nardiello
 sea bass, porgies, ling and BLACKFISH

The popular pasttime of fishing is only superceded by cooking and eating the freshest fish available. Everyday the Ocean Eagle has live or fresh local fish, which can be purchased right off the boat. Just come on down to Pier 5, and when the Ocean Eagle pulls in between 3:00 and 3:30, bring home some fresh fish!

Take a trip on the Ocean Eagle V

The months are an approximation based on a typical year.

Chart Key
Scheduled Trip
Reservations Only
Special Trip
Trip Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Porgies & Sea Bass
Sea Bass & Ling
Bottom Fishing
Offshore Cod & Pollock
Fireworks Cruise
What to Bring
  • If there is anything you need for fishing we have it on board

  • Make sure the line on your reels is in good condition and not frayed or twisted

  • We have snacks & drinks onboard

  • Make sure your drag is set properly, so you don't lose a big fish when it runs

Fishing Trips
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses
  • Rain gear if it's raining- be prepared and don't get caught standing in the rain
  • Hat, Clean T-Shirt, Jacket & Gloves
  • Rag for your hands
  • Camera, Film & Batteries - Get it all on film!
  • 1 Rod & Reel (also available onboard for rental) - we recommend conventional outfits in the 20 to 30 lb class & 15 to 25 lb test, for Porgies, Sea Bass or Ling. 30 lb for Blackfish, Cod & Pollock
    Bring an extra rod, but you can only fish one at a time.
  • Terminal Tackle(available on board) - Hooks, Sinkers, Swivels & Leaders of many types, available on board or at Stella Maris Fishing Station
Fireworks Cruise
  • Friends & Family
  • Pair of Binoculars
  • Cameras & Video Cameras
What NOT to Bring
  • NO Illegal Drugs - we have a ZERO tolerance and enforce maritime law for the possesion or use of illicit drugs
  • NO Drunkeness - Must be 21 or over to drink
  • NO Excessive Amounts of Beer - just enough will be fine

About our Bottom Fishing Reef & Wreck Trips
Bottom Fishing Species

" Always a Mixed Bag of Fish! "

Porgy fishing
Typically you can get away with using a lighter rod and reel, with small hooks. Just be aware that when fishing light tackle, you may also need to have a heavy sinker at times, so it is always a good idea, to bring the lighter rod in case the conditions are good to use it. Squid, Worms and Clams work the best for Porgies.

Sea Bass Fishing
Sea Bass range in size from 8 inches to 20 inches, with most fish between 11 and 16 inches. These fish are some of the best eating fish available, and most anyone would agree. Fish Sea Bass with Squid, spearing or Squid Heads. Many times the biggest sea bass are caught with the tiniest squid bait. Another benefit to catching sea bass is, that they bite most any season, and are indigenous to our local reefs.

Blackfish Fishing
Even the best fishermen need to "Learn" to catch Blackfish, and Captain Greg, brothers Jeff & Glen know all the tricks and techniques that make a difference. If you are new to Blackfishing, then get on the Ocean Eagle, and let them share their wealth of knowledge in rigging, baiting, hooking and landing these hard fighting and delicious fish. Blackfish sharpshooters will appreciate the "purity" of Greg's Blackfishing trips, with a wide selection of bait, different crabs and rigged setups. The Ocean Eagle has many Blackfish over 14 pound through the years, and fishing for the "Big Togs" is yet another way to fish Blackfish.

Ling Fishing
Ling like cold water, so fishing deep or in the winter months make for the best times to catch these delicate and delicious fish. Ling look somewhat like a freshwater catfish, and are noted for taking Clams and Squid, however they also will take small fish or small jigs. Ling can be very plentiful on a wreck, so get ready to fill the cooler (and the freezer).

Cod & Pollock
When the local fishing reports are just right, Captain Greg will target Cod & Pollock. These fish generally run in the same waters, however behave completely different. Pollock scholl up and prowl the center water column feeding on baitfish, thus Jigs are great to use, and Captain Greg will let you know when he reads a school, and tell you about how deep to get your jigs down. Cod, group up at the bottom, feeding on almost anything they can swallow, from whole clam bellies, small bergalls, whole squid, cut fish chunks....whatever works!. Cod fishing trips are not always scheduled, and you should call the boat to find out when the next trip is being put together.

Our crew will offer to clean & bag your fish on the way back home.

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