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Deep Sea Fishing Trips
Capt. Al, Scott & Glenn
docked at the
Municipal Harbor
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
Call Prowler 5
Phone (732) 291-4904
(732) 872-7530
Inspected & Certified for Safety
US Coast Guard Inspected & Certified for Safety

"All day fishing trips"
Atlantic Highlands Largest & Fastest
75' All Aluminum Super Cruiser
Brand New 2001 Party Boat

Twin Turbos 1400 HP Diesel Powered. Fast, Clean and Comfortable. Prowler 5 sails year round and is the fastest to the fishing grounds.

" Family owned & operated since 1963 "
Hours of Operation
Trip Dates Leaves Arrives
Bottom Fishing Trips Everyday 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
Clean Mens & Womens Restrooms Available
Galley, Snack Bar & Cold Drinks Available
Go Fishing today
The Prowler 5
is a 75 foot super cruiser, and is SUPER FAST
to the fishing grounds.

All Trips Include:
  • Comfortable Fishing
  • We supply the Bait
  • Comfortable & stable ride
  • Helpful assistance from the crew
  • Optional Biggest Fish Pool

More Features
  • Snacks & Sandwiches

  • Clean Men's & Women's Restrooms

  • Tackle & Rigs available

  • Rental Poles available

  • Fish Cleaning Service
Updated Penn Rods & Reels for rent
"Simply the Best"

Captain Scott Hilliard
Captain Scott has years of successful fishing as the Captain of the Prowler. His specialty is in blackfishing and bottom fishing, and is the only Captain which sails year round from the Atlantic Highlands. Don't miss out on his striped bass or bluefish trips, or join his father Captain Al, or his brother Captain Glenn, when they set sail for fluke during the season.

"Hilliard Family Heritage"

2 Generations of Captains
left to right...Captain Scott Hilliard, Captain Al Hilliard and Captain Glenn Hilliard.

Gift Certificates, Senior Citizen and Group Discounts
 clean & comfortable cabin
During your fast ride to the fishing grounds, relax in any one of our 12 large and comfortable booths. The Prowler 5 has a heated cabin and heated handrails for your convenience. the Prowler 5 has a full galley with Hot Food, Cheeseburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Pizza, Cold Sodas, Hot Coffee and Water. Our rental rods are the best and are greatly maintained.

Being the Largest means more fishing room
 Largest in AH Fleet
Find your favorite spot on the boat and settle in for a great day of local fishing. Our mates are helpful professionals who make your comfort & success their top priority. No over crowding on the Prowler. Plenty of room for your all your gear.
Take a Trip on the Prowler 5
The months are an approximation based on a typical year.

NO Reservations Required, We sail OPEN every day

Reservations only required on CANYON TUNA TRIPS

Chart Key
Scheduled Trip
Reservations Only
Trip Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Striped Bass
Striped Bass & Bluefish
Bottom Fishing
Fireworks Cruise
July 4th
Trip Details
Trip Dates Day Leaves Arrives
Blackfish, Ling, Seabass & Cod Oct - May Every Day 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
Fluke May(Season) - Sept Everyday 7:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
Chum Blues July, Aug & Sept Every Night 3:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.
Spring Stripers Apr-May-June Every Day 3:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.
Fall Stripers Oct - Nov Every Day 4:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.
Tuna Sept - Oct Special Trips 3:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. Next Day
Take a Tuna Trip on the Prowler 5
Tuna Schedule
call for details
(deposit required) rental for quality stand-up rod & reel
Galley Tickets also available
Stop by the boat or call to make arrangements.

Prowler 5
PO Box 224
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Prowler 5 2004 Tuna Schedule
Sept. 20th
Sept. 22nd
Sept. 27th
Sept. 29th
Oct. 4th
Oct. 6th
Oct. 11th
Oct. 13th
Oct. 18
Oct. 20th
Oct. 25th
Oct. 27th
Fare is $250 - rod rentals are $25.
What to Bring
  • It's a good idea to sharpen your hooks with a file

  • Make sure the line on your reels is in good condition and not frayed or twisted

  • Pack a lunch & snacks if you like, but we have a FULL GALLEY with hot & cold food with beverages

  • Bring some line snippers and some needlenose pliers.

  • A walkman with personal headphones for listening to music

  • Bring a plastic garbage bag to keep your stuff clean & dry

All Trips
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses
  • Rain gear - a MUST, be prepared and don't get caught standing in the rain
  • Hat, Clean T-Shirt, Jacket & Gloves - we have Prowler 5 Ball Caps & T-Shirts for sale onboard
  • Rag for your hands
  • Camera, Film & Batteries - share the memories with your family & friends
  • Deck of Cards, Magazine or Book - pass the time while we are underway
Inshore Trips
  • 1 Rod & Reel (also available onboard for rental) - we recommend stand up outfits in the 30 lb class with 3/0 reels & 30 lb test.
  • Terminal Tackle(moderately priced onboard) - Chum & regular hooks 4/0 to 6/0, 30 lb swivels
Offshore & Tuna Trips
  • 1 Rod & Reel (also available onboard for rental) - we recommend stand up outfits in the 50 lb to 80 lb class with 6/0 reels & 80 lb test.
  • Terminal Tackle(moderately priced onboard) - Hooks 7/0 to 9/0, 80 lb swivels, leader material from 60 to 100 lb test, flourocarbon recommended
  • Sleeping bags, Blanket and a Pillow - recommended should you want to take a nap on the ride in or out to the canyon.
What NOT to Bring
  • NO Illegal Drugs - we have a ZERO tolerance and enforce maritime law for the possesion or use of illicit drugs
  • NO Hard Liquor - A few cans of Beer OK, must be 21 or over
About our Fishing Trips

Captain Scott with Swordfish
Giant Tuna & Swordfish

" Hudson Canyon Tuna "

The Prowler 5 runs 12 off-shore trips a year. The Prowler 5 is one of the fastest boats in NJ to the Hudson Canyon. Scott & Glenn are the two captains on the off-shore trips. Joel Lisotto & Mark Burulia are the Prowler 5's experienced off-shore deckhands. Joel has been working on the Prowler 5 for 12 years. Mark has been with the Prowler 5 for 5 years. They are both professionals & will help you catch Yellow Fin, Long Fin, Big Eye, Blue fin, Mahi-Mahi, Swordfish & Pollock. Sal is our Chef and will serve you a hot breakfast.

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Prowler Offshore Photos
Click to Enlarge
Capt. Glenn with 125lb tuna

Click to Enlarge
A Pile of Yellowfin Tuna

Click to Enlarge
Bob Terwilliger - 50lb Longfin

Click to Enlarge
Joel Gaffing Tuna

Click to Enlarge
Boat Full of Tuna

Click to Enlarge
Yellowfin at the Canyon

Click to Enlarge
Pair of Big Tuna

Click to Enlarge
Fish like this is what it's all about

Click to Enlarge
Mako Shark

Click to Enlarge
Tom Swaine with 150lb tuna

Click to Enlarge
Giant Tuna - Big Swordfish

" Striped Bass on the Prowler 5 "

Capt. Al, Scott & Glenn Share over 60 years of experience fishing for Striped Bass. The Hilliard's have been fishing the Magic hours 3:30pm to 9:30pm for Striped Bass in the months of April, May & June for the last 15 years. Capt. Al once owned the state record for the largest Striped Bass caught in NJ. Capt. Glenn runs the Prowler 5 for Striped Bass from 4:30pm to 10:00pm in October & November and will fish as hard as any Capt. out there. The customers love to fish for Striped Bass with Capt. Glenn because he has all the spots.

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Striper & Bluefish Fishing Photos
Click to Enlarge
Capt Al Hilliard's Former State Record Striper

Click to Enlarge
Great Striper Trip

Click to Enlarge
Nice Slammer Blues

Click to Enlarge
Big Striper on The Prowler

" Blackfish, Ling, Porgies, Seabass & Cod with Captain Scott "

Starting in October, Scott personally runs all bottom trips and is the best at getting on wrecks and catching you Ling, Blackfish, Cod, Porgies & Seabass. Scott takes alot of pride putting out double anchors on all trips with precision. Wintertime is Scott's favorite time of the year to run the Prowler 5. He runs it for 8 months, October through May. Scott has wrecks and spots all over the mudhole and will always catch you fish.

" Fluke Fishing with Capt. Al "

Capt. Al has been catching Big Fluke for over 41 years. He knows where the Fluke hide. Fluke customers love to go Fluke fishing with Capt. Al
"The Fishermans Pal"

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Fluke Fishing Photos
Click to Enlarge
Capt Al's trip & thisa 12# 4oz DOORMAT

Click to Enlarge
Nick Barone, age 12 and his 9 punder!

Click to Enlarge
Pair of Big Fluke on Captain Al's day trip

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