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Marine Propulsion

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The Right Prop for your Boat

Accurate propeller has been the number one choice of professional captains for 12 years. With fast friendly service, quick turnaround and dependable craftsmanship, Accurate propeller uses the latest computer technology to match your engine's horsepower & your boat's weight & length, to the right propeller. Outfit your boat for speed or economy, Gary is there to advise you of your options.

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Let us share our knowledge - use this guide to Install your propeller
Before you start, Please note that...

In order to help ensure a vibration free operation, the propeller should always be properly mated to the shaft taper. The tapers of both the shaft and propeller hub should be in contact over 75% of their surface area to transmit power effectively and without undue stress.

The following procedure is written and provided as a guideline to help
in the installation of the propeller on it's shaft.

In this procedure, it is assumed that the tapers of both the shaft and propeller are made to the same specifications and with a taper of 3/4 inches on diameter per foot.

Step 1 Remove the key from the propeller shaft. Examine it for any obvious imperfections or burrs. If necessary, file the key to correct.
Step 2 Examine both the propeller bore and the propeller shaft for any obvious imperfections or burrs. Again, correct if necessary.
Step 3 Put a smooth line of Prussian blue compound on the propeller shaft taper.
Step 4 Install the propeller on the shaft taper(ensure that the propeller is fully seated on the taper) and turn it slowly by hand, one full rotation.
Step 5 Remove the propeller and examine the blued area on both the shaft and the inside of the propeller bore. If the bluing is uniformly removed, the propeller fit is good. If not, use an appropriate lapping compound to seat the propeller to the shaft taper. Repeat steps 3 thru 5 until satisfactory contact is achieved.
Step 6 Install the propeller snugly onto the shaft taper. Please note that the key should not be in place during this step.
Step 7 Mark a thin line on the shaft at the forward edge of the propeller hub, or make an accurate measurement of the distance from the large end of the propeller hub to a strut or some other fixed point.
Step 8 Remove the propeller from the shaft.
Step 9 Re-install the key in the propeller shaft. If the propeller keyway has radiused corners please note that the key has the matching radius.
Step 10 Install the propeller snugly onto the shaft taper and check to see if the propeller moves forward to the line or measurement made in Step 7.

If it does, skip down to Step 11.
   If not, perform the following:
10 A: Hold a light near the keyway on the large end of the propeller bore. Inspect the keyway fit by checking for light around the keystock in the small end of the propeller bore.
10 B: There could be a small amount of light visible on the top of the keystock. If not, the keystock may be jamming and preventing the propeller from going back to its' original position. Remove the key, secure it in a vise, and file a small amount from the top of the keystock.
10 C: There should not be any light visible on the sides of the keystock. If there is, the keystock is under size and should not be used. The propeller could also be jamming on the sides of the keystock. To check this, carefully observe the end of the keystock as the propeller is moved up the shaft taper. Se if the keystock moves slightly to one side during the installation. If so, a very small amount should be filed from the side of the keystock in the area of contact. Another way to observe this is to check the position of the keystock after the propeller is up the taper. See if the keystock is pushed to one side or the other of the keyway. If it is, a very small amount should be filed from the side of the keystock in the area of contact.
10 D: Replace filed key in shaft keyway with filed edge on top.
10 E: Replace the propeller on the shaft and fit snugly on the taper. Check to see if it reaches the line or measurement made in Step 7. If it does not line up, repeat steps 10 A through 10 E.
Step 11 Check the fit of the propeller onto the shaft by inserting a 0.001" feeler gauge in several locations on both ends of the propeller hub. If the gauge slides in more than 1/8", then the fit may not be good. Consider using a lapping compound, and go back to Step 3 aboce.
Step 12 When the propeller hub moves to the correct position, install the propeller nut on the shaft, and torque to seat the propeller. Install the jam nut if your shaft is so equipped.
Propellers, Shafts and More...
Ask Gary about reducing your engine wear and increasing your gas mileage, with the right propeller for you boat.
Michigan Wheel

Michigan Wheel propellers - Michigan Match - Outboard Sterns and propellers - Typhoon Props by Mercury - Turbo Stilletto

Michigan Wheel has been making props for almost 100 years, longer than some OEMs have been making motors. Every prop is thoroughly inspected to make certain it meets rigid quality standards. This 100 year commitment to quality and performance is the reason more boat owners pick a Michigan Wheel replacement propeller than all other brands combined.

Michigan Match
Mercury Typhoon
Mercury Typhoon
Bring in your old prop for Reconditioning.
New Prop Sizing and Pitch Matching to your boat.
Prop Boring
Scags Repaired & Welded - Custom Stainless Rudders - Shafts by Duramax Marine & Morse

Shaft Straightening - Struts Straightened and Bored - Custom Struts - Inboard 9" - Reconditioned 12" to 48" in diameter

Full Service Machine Shop

Marine Hardware
Striving to Exceed Customer Expectations for Service, Quality and Innovation

Buck Algonquin marine Hardware - Underwater & Topside Hardware - Fittings - Holders - Plates - Couplings
Thru-Hulls - Strainers - Hinges - Spacers Pipes - Boxes
Struts & Strut Bolts, Fins, Skegs - Valves - Rudder Bearing Flanges, Collars, Backing Plates & Ports
Shaft Logs, Skeg bars

Marine Paint
& Painting Supplies

All-Grip, Pettit & Interlux Paints
Sprayers - Brushes - Wire Brushes - Scrapers - Drop Cloths - Tape - Sandpaper - Pans & Buckets
Bottom Paint - Topside Paint - Primers - Thinners

Top names in Marine Paint

Boat Care
Keep or Restore your boat like new.

Sea Safe Cleaners - Polish - Wax - Rust Inhibitor - Compound Wax

Keep everything working & functioning

"Deka" Marine Batteries

The Deka Marine Master Dual Purpose Cycling / Starting series was designed especially for the user that requires reliable starting and moderate deep cycle service. This series has all of the quality you've come to expect from Deka... and fits perfectly between the starting and heavy-duty, deep cycling batteries. It is ideal for marine applications that require heavy-duty starting and moderate duty cycling service. Use it for your larger, harder-starting engines and /or moderate duty trolling or accessory loads. The Deka Dual Purpose is an ideal compromise between the unique demands of starting service and deep cycling, low amp draw service.


  • Exclusive special dual alloy, full frame grids and plates
  • Deep pocket envelope plate separators
  • Exclusive high density plate paste
  • Exclusive demineralized electrolyte (acid)
  • Exclusive power path grid design
  • Exclusive "molded-in" stainless steel dual top terminals with wing nuts
  • Vibration resistant design
  • 250 quality control checks
  • Made with pride in the U.S.A.

Boat Cable & Wire by the foot - Switches - Fuses - Bulbs - Lights - Terminals - Navigation Lights

Other Marine Parts & Equipment
Everything you Need

Trident Rubber Hose
Exhaust for Bilge & Head - Elbows
Cal-June Life Jackets & Rafts
Large Selection of Zincs to preserve your underwater parts
Stainless Steel Marine fasteners - Cutlass Bearings from 3/4 inch to 4 inches

Gary has the answers you need. Stop in on your way to these nearby locations
Location Description & Directions from the store
"The Morgan Inlet Jetty"
Great Place to snag live Bunker
Generations have fished the jetties at Morgan Inlet for all the most popular inshore species. It is the most northerly Jetty in NJ and many fisherman save miles of traveling to set up on it's rocks.

Former spot of the famed... Robert E. Lee Restaurant
The Laurence Harbor Pier
Safe Fishing and Crabbing for the family
Located behind the Pharmacy in Laurence Harbor, the pier is well maintained and offers safe fishing and crabbing for the whole family. Snapper blues are a favorite fish that children can catch. Bring the kids to the pier for an afternoon or evening of fishing.

We offer helpful advice for the do-it-yourselfer
"The Wall"
Most Popular local spot for Stripers & Flounder
The Wall at Cliffwood Beach & Aberdeen Township is one of the most popular shore fishing spots in the area. Striped Bass & Flounder, in season are the main draw. Safe fishing from the wall, 24 hours a day.

Spring & Fall are the best times for Stripers here.
The Bog
Striper Experts know this place very well
Like "the Wall" the bog offers local bay wildlife, including an abundance of Striped Bass. These grassy areas are the perfect spot for baitcasting for stripers during the seasons. Flounder also abound in this shallow water area of the Raritan Bay.

Make it official!! Weigh in your fish at Crabby's Bait and Tackle.

Bait & Tackle Stores
Ask for Chris or Cheryl
Fishing Boats
Stop in the store for information on these and other fishing opportunities in & around Morgan & Raritan Bay
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Cathy Sea Charters
Captain Sal Cursi

Double Down Charters
Right in Nearby Keyport, NJ

Prowler 5
Join the Hunt

Sea Fox
Join the Hunt

Capt Ron's Fishermen
Capt Ron Santee

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